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Message from the CEO

Bringing ideas to life.

Akira Kase, CEO Wanotec Japan Co., Ltd.

Akira Kase, CEO

Wanotec Japan Co., Ltd.

When I got started in this industry over 50 years ago, metal presswork was still generally viewed as something done by traditional craftsmanship. While traditional craftsmanship is very valuable, it is not enough to handle the changing times. That idea led to the pursuit of the technology innovation and management innovation that have fueled our growth into an indispensable partner for several of the world's major manufacturers.

The finches of the Galapagos Islands altered the lengths of their beaks over a short time in response to environmental changes. Like those finches, we need to be able to adapt to the environment we find ourselves in if we want to survive.
Survival of the fittest is a principle that's as key to the business world as it is the natural world. I think it's important to have a passion for change. Change should be something done constantly and proactively instead of something that's simply passively accepted. The notion of bringing ideas to life is one of my guiding principles.

By harnessing the power of the harmony that governs the natural world, I want to create one of the world's leading technology providers while satisfying clients, giving back to the community and growing the Company and its employees. My unwavering commitment to this vision will see Wanotec Japan continue to evolve. We have a bright future ahead.

Our Identity

Wanotec Japan:
Technology born from Japanese craftsmanship.

Wanotec Japan is a manufacturer that supplies made-to-order parts, specializing in precision metal pressworking.
Our mission is to plan, develop, pitch and manufacture technology precisely aligned with the concepts of new mechanisms or systems.

We could be compared to a backup singer delivering pitch-perfect harmonies, or the artistic director of a film embellished with painstakingly created artwork. Our identity is defined by this type of harmonizing.

We supply technology born from Japanese craftsmanship. It creates harmony by bringing together not only objects, but also people, communities and the world at large.
By supplying this Japanese craftsmanship, we are aiming to become the world's leading metal pressworking manufacturer.

Slogan, Management Philosophy and Manufacturing Philosophy

  • Slogan
  • Harmony
  • Just as harmony is an organizing principle for the natural world, company management also needs to create harmony among various elements to be viable.
    Wanotec Japan follows the laws of nature by honoring the concept of harmony. Our slogan is the word itself.
  • Management Philosophy
  • Boundless creativity
  • We create mental and physical abundance and joy.

    We study and train to improve our human capital.

    We are passionate about providing service to clients.

  • Manufacturing Philosophy
  • Character shapes manufacturing

    Before shaping objects, we shape people. Before shaping people, we shape character.

The 5 Features

The 5 Features of Wanotec Japan

Integrated production system for all manufacturing processes

All processes are handled completely at our own plants, assuring stable quality.

In-house development of equipment for all manufacturing processes

All our manufacturing equipment is developed in-house, enabling stable production.

Specialists assigned to every manufacturing process

Highly experienced specialists suggest advanced problem-solving ideas.

Customer oriented simultaneous engineering supprt

We contribute to clients with every aspect of product development, assisting their technology innovation.

Rapid responses to clients

We respond to client issues promptly and precisely, with a firm commitment to high client satisfaction.

Wanotec Japan's Management Systems

Wanotec Japan's Management Systems

Advanced expertise and skills are shared throughout the Company by systematizing accumulated knowledge and experience.

Becoming the world's leading supplier of general precision press technology