Most of our business comes from European and North/South American companies doing business worldwide. Naturally we also supply products to clients in Japan, as well as to companies in several other geographic regions.
Precision parts are manufactured at our headquarters plants in Chiba and a plant in Suzhou, China. Our products are delivered to client plants and other sites.
Our business is growing in Europe, North America, Central America and Asia.



Wanotec Japan has received several awards from global manufacturers. (When visiting our company, an explanation of the awards we have received will be provided using printed materials.)

  • Quality awards from
    top-tier global manufacturers

    Won Company-A's quality award for 7 years in a row.
    Earned Company-B's top supplier score for 4 years in a row.
    Won Company-C's top Asian supplier award.
    Won Company-D's supplier award.
  • Quality awards from
    leading global electronics manufacturers

    Won Company-E's outstanding supplier award for 4 years in a row.
    Received a certificate of appreciation from Company-F for our help in producing 1 billion units.
    Won Company-G's quality improvement assistance award.

We have also won several other quality awards.

Ranking in global market; medium-to-long-term sales plan

Wanotec Japan has received an 'excellent' supplier ranking from several international manufacturers, and we have established a solid track record in the global market.



Taking on difficult challenges by pitching manufacturing ideas that share our ultimate goals with the client.

Takashi Kase,
Director, Development Department
Ken Kase,
Director, Sales Department
Takashi Kase, Development Department Takashi Kase, Director, Development Department

What does Wanotec Japan's Development Sales business unit do?

We make presentations to companies that we think would benefit from our technologies. We also maintain our own integrated production system that includes everything from materials development to die design, die manufacturing, press work, and final treatment process such as cleaning, plating and heat treatment. Our presentations are designed to clearly communicate our production system's unique advantages.

What are the unique features of Wanotec Japan's business services?

We approach each manufacturing project with the awareness that Wanotec handles procedures that are upstream from the client's production lines. Our manufacturing approach is designed to do more than just satisfy the specifications in the client's drawings. We provide clients with additional service by pitching ideas for total optimization that include areas such as client ease of use and FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis) in assembly procedures.

Wanotec does a lot of business with overseas clients. What sort of things do you need to pay attention to when working with these clients?

Yes, we do business globally. Our clients are located in several different countries. Different clients have different cultures, customs and business practices. We respect these differences, working alongside clients and suppliers as comrades in our efforts to develop new products. We also try to build relationships that enable partner equality through shared development standards and development processes.

Does Wanotec have a competitive edge when it comes to up-and-coming areas such as AI, the IoT and autonomous driving?

Full-scale introduction of autonomous driving systems are moving steadily toward becoming a everyday reality. They ensure road safety by using AI (artificial intelligence) to control the vehicle. We have been working on some of the key components used for road safety functions, and were quick to recognize their importance. This work has enabled us to create a quality assurance system designed to meet client demands for completely fail-safe quality assurance in terms of both technology and the information necessary to use that technology. I think this work will help give us an edge that will help boost client confidence and trust.

What sort of sales activities and service do you have planned for the future?

One of the main tasks of sales work is of course providing QCD (quality/cost/delivery) that satisfies clients. Another priority area for us is servicing clients by communicating how we can help them with customer-oriented technology development tailored to their identity. We try to create mutually beneficial pitches by taking part in planning starting from the client's conceptual phase. We act as coordinators between the engineering professionals on both sides, navigating the project from the sales angle.