Increasing the power of the individual helps improve the power and competitiveness of the organization as a whole. Ambitious employees are driven to grow their human capital by acquiring superior skills and knowledge. We feel that combining this drive with the virtues of boundless creativity, persistence and trust-building set forth in Wanotec's management philosophy can generate enormous power.



Working as a team to take on challenges, gain experience and grow is the essence of Wanotec Japan's corporate culture. The Wanotec Japan Management System is the sole method used to achieve management targets.

Haruo Ogawa, General Affairs Department
Ken Kase, Director, General Affairs Department Ken Kase, Director, General Affairs Department

Wanotec Japan has its own training system. When did that system start?

It started in the 1980s and was later expanded when we acquired QS9000 certification. We have a long history of emphasizing the importance of training. Training was a focus of the CEO's policy when I joined the Company over 30 years ago. 'Use knowledge as a tool' is one of our slogans. But instead of knowledge from textbooks, we focus on education and training gained from real-world learning opportunities at development sites and work sites.

You have an employee suggestion system designed for small-scale management participation. How does it work?

Our employee improvement and suggestion system is an award system that assesses and rewards employees who suggest ideas. It's used to encourage more suggestions from employees in future. We're aiming to become the world's leading supplier of general precision press technology, and we feel that making employees aware of having a say in management is an important requirement for achieving this goal. That's the aim of the system. Awareness of small-scale management participation creates a positive feedback loop, making employees throughout the whole Company keen to make their own suggestions.

How would you describe Wanotec Japan's corporate culture and the typical employee?

We're a company that values the camaraderie that comes from employees working alongside each other toward shared goals. I think everyone here enjoys working as a team to take on challenges, gain experience, help each other and grow. We value character as much as technology. That's how you might describe our corporate culture. I feel that by reinforcing these attitudes on a daily basis, we've created a workplace with good internal communication.

What type of person do you look for when hiring?

We value three traits. We look for people who are always easy to get along with, people who are committed team players and people with unwavering ambition. Applicants don't need to worry about knowledge and skills since we provide education and training after hiring.

What are your future plans for training?

We want to improve skills using education and training plans shared by all workplaces. These plans will be based on the "WJMS" (Wanotec Japan Management System) and the three core tools underpinning it. The WJMS is the sole method we use to achieve our management targets. Having all our employees share the same vision is an important requirement for the company's growth. Aligning all our values and awareness into a single 'vector' is a powerful driving force for company management. Wanotec Japan's company slogan and management philosophy play a big part in achieving this end. We want all the manufacturing work done by our employees to reflect our company slogan and management philosophy.