Wanotec Japan's precision press parts are used for behind-the-scenes applications.
But they play an important role assisting everyday life in products and infrastructure ranging from precision equipment to vehicles and robots.



Finding a way is the Wanotec way.
Our wealth of experience and extensive track record help us find solutions to some of the toughest demands and problems imaginable. We provide optimized integrated production lines by combining manufacturing equipment and systems developed in-house.

Example of Wanotec Japan technology development


Advanced Safety/Security Work


To respond to the increasingly rapid advances being made in autonomous driving, Wanotec Japan is working on new quality standards designed for the future. The era of autonomous driving will see autonomous driving systems replace humans as the drivers of vehicles. If a problem arises, the blame will be directed at the vehicle's system and the parts it contains. To prepare for this new era, Wanotec Japan has created highly accurate inspection technologies that guarantee high quality.


Message from Development

As professionals in deep drawing processes, we pitch creative technologies that anticipate client needs not depicted in the technical drawings.

Yu Kase, Director, Technology Department
Yu Kase, Director, Technology Department Yu Kase, Director, Technology Department

What do you think is Wanotec's most outstanding technology area?

I would say it's the development work we do for deep-drawn products that demand high precision and reliability. The deep drawing technology we provide entails a high level of difficulty. It can create high-rigidity parts with complex structures, supporting diameters as minute as 0.8 mm or as large as 100 mm. We can also meet various client needs with a wide range of other processing technologies such as two-part integration drawing, reverse drawing, bulging, necking and cold forging.

What are the features of your manufacturing technologies?

We make it a basic rule to independently develop, design and produce all our manufacturing equipment in-house. The development work needed for every process is done completely in-house. We develop everything from materials to press equipment, dies, automatic production equipment, surface treatment equipment, automatic precision measuring equipment and automatic packagers. This approach also enables rapid responses to client requests for specifications changes or improvements during prototyping or mass-production procedures. Our Wanotec Japan Production Innovation System has been created to satisfy a wide range of client needs by providing combinations of different equipment modules for each manufacturing process.

What do you focus on when developing a new technology?

We naturally have to satisfy the client's drawings and specifications. But we also pitch ideas for new processing methods or optimized shapes whenever we discover a particular modification that will increase product performance, stabilize quality or optimize price. This sort of help with technology development provides benefits we can share with the client. It's something we focus on. In one case for example, we pitched a technology that replaces conventional machining processes with sheet metal forging or deep drawing processes.

What are the most important requirements you face as an engineer doing business globally?

It's important for engineers who do business globally to base technology discussions on global standards and keep pace with the client on development processes to eliminate potential worries. It's also important to communicate in English, the world's de facto common language. To help ensure optimum technology development, we also get honest feedback from clients in person and work on applying it to the design.

What type of technology development do you want to focus on in the future?

Product quality improvement activities are a never-ending task for the manufacturing industry. Ensuring stable quality requires verification using PFMEA* methods as well as DFMEA methods*, which apply even to the design phase. That is why we perform in-house development of equipment for all manufacturing processes. In anticipation of future market needs, we'll also be focusing on developing higher-level processing technologies and high-quality, high-efficiency production facility.

  • *PFMEA: 
  • Process failure mode and effects analysis
  • *DFMEA: 
  • Design failure mode and effects analysis