Quality first.
The next process is always customers.

  • Wanotec employees put quality first. They neither create defects nor allow them to escape. These basic principles are reflected in all their production activities.
  • Wanotec's procedures are designed to produce products meeting downstream demands, and with the awareness of their upstream position from the client.

Code of Conduct

  1. The Wanotec Japan Quality Management System (WJQMS) is used for production.
  2. The Company complies with international automotive industry standards, client demands and legal regulations.
  3. Employees work to improve quality by setting quality targets and repeatedly applying the PDCA cycle.
  4. The Company and its partners make ongoing improvements to prevent problems, stabilize quality and reduce waste.
  5. The Company is aiming to become the world's leading supplier of general precision press technology.

All employees are made aware of the Quality Policy above. It is also made publicly available as we work to achieve it.

Akira Kase, CEO
Wanotec Japan Co., Ltd.
April 1, 2017




Wanotec Japan Co., Ltd. views work on environmental preservation as one of the important tasks of corporate management. When engaging in business activities centered around the manufacture of products requiring metal presswork, plating, our activities are done with a proactive and ongoing awareness of the need for environmental preservation, and we work eagerly to assist the greater good.

Code of Conduct

  1. We have created an environmental management system complying with the requirements of ISO 14001. We consider the environmental effects of our business activities and are aware of the importance of valuing the global environment. We prevent pollution and make efforts to reduce our environmental impact.
  2. We comply with all relevant environmental regulations and standards, along with other demands aligned with our values.
  3. We set environmental targets that are planned, executed and reviewed, and make ongoing improvement efforts.
  4. We have documented our environmental policy. We provide education on environmental preservation and organize internal activities to ensure awareness among all our employees. We also provide public disclosure.
  5. We make efforts to ensure that the benefits of our work on environmental protection awareness raising and environmental impact reduction can spread from company activities to employee homes also.

Key Points

  1. Reduce power consumption when designing manufacturing process.
  2. Make efforts to save raw material resources by improving die designs and production efficiency.
  3. Make efforts to save resources used for consumable items such as packaging and containers.
  4. Improve management of designated chemicals and reduce the discharge of these chemicals.
  5. Manage wastewater rigorously out of consideration for the environment surrounding our farmland-adjacent Company.

Akira Kase, CEO
Wanotec Japan Co., Ltd.
February 28, 2017